Whose Literature? Whose Property? On Chinese Literature in Taiwanese Magazine under Japanese RuleHsu, Chun-Ya001-036閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
Demarcation and Positioning: Representing Republic of China through Postwar Taiwanese FictionFan, Ming-Ju037-064閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
Imagining the Body and Constructing the Masculine Subject in the War Narratives of Cong Hei Ye Dao Tian Ming and Xiao Ying Xiong Yu Lao You ChaiWu, Mei-Ying065-094閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
De-colonization of the Historical Construction in Post-War Taiwan: Zhou Xien-Wen and the Collection of Taiwan Local Materials(臺灣文獻叢刊) (1946-1972)Hsiao, Min-Ru095-136閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
Historical Authentication of Cross-Cultural Interchange: A Study of Establishment of American’s Representation in Chen Ying-Zhen’s and Huang Chun-Ming’s novelsChen, Cheng-Fan137-170閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
The Censorship System and Print Media in Korea during the Cultural Rule Era by Imperial JapanHan, Kee-Hyung/Translator: Chen, Yun-Yuan173-204閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
The "Seditiousness" of Modern Poetry and Censorship in Colonial Korea ― An Analysis for The Poetry in Korean Newspapers(諺文新聞詩歌, 1931)Han, Kee-Hyung/Translator: Chen, Yun-Yuan205-226閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
"Bōbyōk(法域, Jurisdictional Sphere)" and "Munyōk(文域, Literary Sphere)" : The Distinction of Expressing Possibility and Colonial Texts, Inside the Japanese EmpireHan, Kee-Hyung/Translator: Chen, Yun-Yuan227-250閱讀摘要  全文下載 Adobe PDF
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