TitleThe Line of the Fiction
作者Fan, Ming-ju
作者說明Distinguished Professor, Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature, National Chengchi University
摘要The basic content of the fiction is to tell the characters’ encounter and feeling from one point to another, and the line is the path through here and there. The road, what I also called line in this essay, usually is a subordinate or supplemental space, serving as linking or background, of the story. Although its position is less important than the point, the line occasionally serves as the main space in a few famous stories. What kinds of stories choose the line to be the main space instead of the point? Why? This paper will explain the fundamental function of line in the fiction, then to explore in details the themes and characteristics of Taiwanese fictions which locate the main space on the road. In so doing, we could have an explicit whole picture of the usage of line in the fiction.
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