TitleSinophone Literature as Places-Based Production: On the Predicament of Sinophone Malaysian Literature in Taiwan
作者Zhan, Min-xu
作者說明Project Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature and Creative Innovation, National Chung Cheng University
摘要Sinophone studies tend to conceptualize “Sinophone” in terms of the dialectics between the dominant Chinese culture and its local variations in the Sinophone world. The importance of place-basedness is often underscored. Though seemingly opposed, both Shih Shu-mei’s call for “postcolonial resistance against diaspora” and Wang David’s theorization of “post-loyalism” treats “Sinophone” as a hybridized, heterogenous, and place-based production that is distinctive from the authentic Chinese culture. This article argues for the consideration of Sinophone literature as multiple places-based production, and challenges the dominant discussions of (one) place-basedness. To illustrate the multiple places-based production in a transnational context, it examines the reception and reproduction of Sinophone Malaysian literature in Taiwanese literary awards and poses timely inquiries into the definition of Sinophone literature.
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