TitleCulture Translation and Identity Edit of Novel of Sinology by Sie Syue-yu in the Japanese Colonial Period: From “San Sh Ing Syong Jhuan”, “Ing Hua Meng” and “R Hua Ing Cih Jhuan” as the Central
作者Wang, Shao-chun
作者說明Ph. D, Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University
摘要Current researches on the traditional literati Sie Syue-yu’s multiple identities and backgrounds are mainly from issues of Sinology, popular culture-writing, the Same-Culture policy and the discussion in East Asia to discuss Sie’s Sinology, Sinophone Writing and political philosophy. Inherited and inspired by prior studies, I would like to further explore how Sie Syue-yu viewed the “traditional” culture and identity which was broken by Imperialism when standing on the position of “Taiwan” in Imperial colonized period. Therefore, my attempt is to discuss three novels of Sinology by Sie Syue-yu: “San Sh Ing Syong Jhuan” (1912-1913), “Ing Hua Meng” (1934-1935) and “R Hua Ing Cih Jhuan” (1937-1938) as the main text to discuss how he used the “traditional capital” to translate and edit the culture and identity of “selfness”, and how he interpreted “Taiwan”.
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