TitleResearch on Lian Heng’s Interpretation and Writings about Taiwanese Singsong Girls’ Culture
作者Chiang, Pao-chai
作者說明Professor, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature and Creative Innovation, National Chung Cheng University
摘要During the Japanese colonial occupation, the traditional literati Lian Heng was a usual visitor to the brothel. He wrote down lots of literary works in different genres such as notes, poetry, essays, and contributed a lot to reserve the female records, writings and songs. His contribution helps us fill the missing puzzle of our understanding about how the three types of Chinese traditional activities, such as she fu cang gou (射覆藏鉤), dou ming qiao shi (鬥茗敲詩), chuan lu ping chun (傳臚評春) were held in the brothel, how the singsong girls communicated with the literati, and how the contradictory feels about gender expressed. However, his writing was in a form of scattered fragments, which offers us a new perspective of why the traditional literati was so much obsessed with the brothel and the singsong girls. In addition, his writings have also uncovered the multiple meanings and values of his conflicting attitude toward gender imaginations.
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