TitlePost-war Publications in Taiwan by Chinese poets in Singapore and Malaysia: Using the Chinese Poetry Court (1955-1967) as Research Focus
作者Li, Chi-hau
作者說明Assistant Professer, the General Education, National Formosa University
摘要Chinese Poetry Court was a crucial Chinese poetry journal in post-war Taiwan and was later renamed Chinese Arts Court. Chinese Arts Court featured multiple columns to attract readers from various backgrounds. Furthermore, Chinese Arts Court had a column titled “New Voices from Overseas” that published the work of poets from multiple countries; numerous poets from Singapore and Malaysia published their work here. In this study, we identified poets in Singapore or Malaysia who published their work in “New Overseas Voice” and described their lives. Finally, we presented statistical information regarding these poets’ publications. We discovered that the poets who published their work in these journals were mostly from Singapore, Penang, Sarawak or North Borneo(Sabah). In addition, some poet groups published their work or participated in group activities in other countries, and even gave excellent performances in poetry competitions held by Chinese Poetry (Arts) Court. Therefore, Chinese poets in Singapore or Malaysia often used this publication to interact with other Chinese poets in Taiwan or elsewhere, thereby facilitating Chinese poetry communication between post-war Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.
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