TitleThe Post-Empiral Eyes and the Culture fragments of Colony─Taiwan writing and Flowing Identity in《南風如歌》
作者Yang, Hui-lin
作者說明Ph.D Student, Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages, Literature, National Taiwan Normal University
摘要The purpose of this paper is trying to clarify the interpretations of the identity related to Wansei (Taiwan-born Japanese) by analyzing the writing in the book《南風如歌─一位日本阿嬤的臺灣鄉愁》. The first perspective: Hometown-Taiwan to Wansei is a” coagulated time-space”--- it based on Japanese Identity and be effective only during Japanese colonization period, not include contemporary Taiwan. The second perspective : Cause of similar social situation in Post-war, some Taiwanese and Wansei found the Imagined Community out of National Identity after colonial period. However, this Imagined Community is very unstable and complicated, it disintegrates easily with the diversification of interaction. At last we could understand that Wansei chose Taiwan as the place for long stay at their old age not only means the emotional connection with Taiwan but also represents the Japanese government’s population policies of different eras having encounters in their former colony, Taiwan, across the times.
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