TitleBecoming Future: On the Lyric Apparatuses of East and Beyond and The Whirling Island
作者Liu, Nai-tzu
作者說明Associate Professor, Department of Taiwanese Literature, National Cheng Kung University
摘要While Taiwanese literature in the late 20 century was at a time entangled with the heated debates on identity issues, the numerous topics of creative writing emerged in this new age successively delivered profound and deep ethical cares in lyric fashion. This research project aims to explore and analyze the “lyric apparatuses” in Ping Lu’s East and Beyond and The Whirling Island. By exploring the dynamics of the lyric-becoming in both novels, this project also plans to advance the discourses and interpretations of lyric literature in modern Taiwan. As the project proposes, the “lyric” in East and Beyond and The Whirling Island can be seen as the fuel for literary desire in their own situatedness. The narrative apparatuses of “time is out of the joint,” and the lyric “counterpoint” thus propels the “unfolding” opportunities for subjectivity, history, and writing. In brief, the “rhizomatic fluxes” of “lyric” and “duration” engender the freedom of “becoming future” for subjectivity, history, and writing which are otherwise “territorialized” and “conventionalized.” Grasping the “lyric” as its essence, East and Beyond and The Whirling Island are resonated in their own deliverance as if they were intertwining and implicating with each other as rhizomes that significantly manifest Ping Lu’s literary novelties in the 21 centuries.
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