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Date 2020-02-06

The trend of cultural trend can always reflect the strength and wisdom of a country, and the academic discipline “Taiwan Literature” is considered as one of the fundamental thoughts that make up the culture of Taiwan. On one hand, the promotion on the study of Taiwan Literature can help develop and explore the intrinsic cultural traditions of Taiwan; it can also help establish the prominent character of Taiwan among international culture. With the approach of knowledge-based economy, the national educational policy has, as well, begun of adjustment. For quite a long period of time, the educational policy of Taiwan has, overtly, ignored the training of Taiwanese history, literature, language, and culture. In recent yeas, the educational quality of our local culture has received much attention and has been much strengthened. Therefore, the establishment of Graduate School on Taiwan Literature is the major adjustment that to echoes to the educational policy.
In 2001. The college of arts of National Cheng Chi University applied to the Ministry of Education to set up “ Master Class of Taiwan Literature Graduate School.” In 2003, the application was approved, and the university has then begun to actively prepare its establishment, and it began to recruits students in 2005. In 2007, the “Ph. D Class of Taiwan Literature Graduate School” was set up.

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