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Date 2021-02-26


Memories of Atayal Lidongshan Incident in Jianshi in Print Media


Liu, Liu Shu-Qin

Professor, Institute of Taiwan Literature, National Tsing Hua University


Lidongshan Incident (Tapung Incident), which happened from 1910 to 1912, has passed for more than 110 years. This incident generally refers to a series of crusades occurring from August 1911 to September 1913 from the Government-General of Taiwan's occupation of Lidongshan to its suppression of Goagan, Mrqwang, Mknazi, and even Skaru. Although this Incident had a strong impact on the social development of the Northern Atayal and Jianshi Region, the Atayal people could not control the right to speak or narrate the Incident for decades. Under the requirements of regional development, it is necessary and fundamental to organize literary writings regarding Lidongshan Incident, excavating memories in the first layer and re-structuring its relation with the related collective memories of the Atayal people in Jianshi. Centered on Lidongshan Incident, this paper organizes how various texts, including landscape postcards (ehagaki), reportage, news, official documents, and oral lore from the tribe seniors, represent the significant historical incident for the Atayal, and scrutinizes how they had become each layer of the collective memories regarding the Atayal Lidongshan Incident in Jianshi to further release more bottom layer memories. First, the paper will begin with the landscape postcards focusing on the people of Mrqwang and Mknazi in the 1920s to expose the suppressed and gazed local history. Next, through reportage, it will disclose how the Han Chinese writers in the 1970s perceive the incident's aftermaths when considering mountain area indigenous people issues. How their works record the memories of war and resistance and embed what values in the locals’ memories. Finally, to point out the nature of the Lidongshan Incident is mountain warfare, the text will compare the memories of the tribal seniors in Jianshi regarding the Incident after A.D. 2000 with the Japanese police's review in the Journal of Ruling the Indigenous People.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature