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Date 2021-02-26


Discuss the Motivation and Significance of Yang Mu's Translation of LORCA's Poems


Shoi, Chia-En

Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese Literature, Shih Hsin University


The present article mainly concerns the motivation and the significance of Yang Mu's translation of the Spanish poet Lorca's Gypsy Ballads. After the introduction, the second section aims to show the importance of Lorca by explaining his creations and death. Lorca is not only a well-known local poet and playwright, but his death also symbolizes the representative of literary dissidents who spared no effort to defend their ideals. The third section discusses Yang Mu’s motivation for translating Lorca's poems. The fourth section further reveals the significance of Yang Mu's translation of Lorca's poems. The fifth section makes a conclusion.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature