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Date 2021-02-26


Abstraction in Narrative On Yang Mu's Poems


Cheng, Hui-Ju

Professor, Department of Chinese Literature, Feng Chia University


“Concretization of abstraction” has been used to examine poets' skill and technique. Yang Mu, however, distinguishes himself by the use of abstraction. His abstraction in narrative links the subjects of “afterlife” and reincarnation in the works of his earlier periods with the ultimate concern and philosophical meditation in the works of his late period.

The focal point of poetical narrative reflects the poet's individual vision. This paper will discuss how Yang Mu depicts the scenes, delves into the psychological depth and treats the narrative “tempo” as expressed in “how” and “what”.With these aspects explored, the being of the poet is approximated. Although “narrative” rarely exists outside the story, and yet the overtone of narrative is superimposed upon the “story” and sounds in rich resonance. This paper will focus on “the display of sound,” the intertextuality and the dramatic recurrence in Yang-mu’s abstract narration of the specific stories and events.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature