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Date 2021-03-09


The Cultural Diversion of Proletarian Literature Critics: On the Critical Inheritance of Folklore Literature from Wu Kung-Hung


Lai, Song-Hui

Associate Professer, Department of Institute of Taiwanese Literature, Providence University


This article is to discuss how Wu Kung-Hung criticized and inherited the traits of folklore literature, became the new genre of proletarian contents with ethnic cultural forms. The Taiwan proletarian literature critics Liou Yu-Win and Lai Ming-Hong took literary-struggle theory to criticize the folklore literature reflecting the bourgeois class consciousness. Wu Kung-Hung took Taiwan as the Japan emperor occupied colony, existed the problems of classes and ethnics oppression. He imported Leninism on literature, to inherit national culture heritage, ethnic cultural forms. He used the materialist dialectics methods, in one way to criticize the class consciousness of feudal and bougeous, in other way to capture the traits of local colors and nationality, made the proletarian literature and folklore literature become dialectic united.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature