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Date 2021-03-12


Literary Nations and Love-Discussion of Imagined Nations and Love Under Globalization Utilizing Li Ang’s “Marriage in Seven Lives: Entangled Love Affairs of Taiwanese Mainlander”


Tai, Hua-Hsuan

Assistant Professor, Department of Taiwan Literature, Aletheia University


Through her many travels after 1997, Li Ang grew conscious of “globalization’s” mobility, which made her revisit the old problem of identity and acknowledgment. Identity can be separated by gender and home country; both are topics in which Li Ang has held long-term focus.She spent 7 years writing “Marriage in Seven Lives: Entangled Love Affairs of Taiwanese Mainlander”, choosing the theme of a cross-strait romance written under the framework of the Chinese folklore “Marriage in Seven Lives”. The story of two lovers who cannot be together revisits the cross-strait issues in a global village. By putting “Marriage in Seven Lives: Entangled Love Affairs of Taiwanese Mainlander in the creative pulse of her works, it differs from her usual style of rigid identities of independence or assimilation and bold, explicit depiction of sex. She utilizes the spatial mobility and mysterious, supernatural literary depiction of lust to propose a virtualization of mobility of the home country, utilizing the ability of lovers to share a romance yet unable to be together to shed light on cross-strait relations, in which Taiwan and China maintain exchanges but cannot unite. This work includes actual space along with seven reincarnations and the world of the dead. The literary work attempts to utilize the mobility of globalization and cut into the topic to explore Li Ang’s development of imagining her home country through literary imagination.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature