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Date 2021-03-12


Studied in Taiwan, Sought for “Chineseness”: A Research for “Chinese Image” of the Writings of Malaysian Chinese Poets Fu Chengde and Chen Dawei


Horng, Shu-Ling

Professor, Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University


It’s a general subject in modern Chinese literature that writers score “Chinese Image” in their works. This article hoped to make a research to observe and analyze those who once came Taiwan to be educated in colleges, and therefore to begin with their writing works. Then it will try to discuss how they reconsider with Chinese history, traditional culture and how did they describe their Taiwan experience.

In the development of Taiwan poetic world, Fu Chengde and Chen Dawei were both who once left their growing home for Taiwan, and studied in the Chinese Department of National Taiwan University .Then Fu Chengde returned to Malaysia, Chen Dawei stayed in Taiwan for work when they were graduated from NTU. Fu’s works represent the admiration to the Chinese culture since his college life. But now he sneer at the life. Chen’s works are focused on the questions of Chinese ancient civilization. He also recalls his Guangxi family history that the family immigrate to Malaysia. They have something in common, grown up in Malaysia, studied in Taiwan and sought for “Chineseness”. That makes a paradox. And it couldn’t be ignored that Taiwan became their enlightenment and sailing port of writing. They have the token of “made in Taiwan”. They wrote many things about Taiwan.Their experiences of cross-border flows make them a good interaction to Taiwan literature. This article hopes to through the relationship in and between Malaysian / (China) / Taiwan in order to present a concrete dialogue between Taiwanese literature and MCA literature.

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