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Date 2021-03-17


Between Immersion and Distance: Du Panfangge’s Hakkanese poems


Tu, Chao-Mei

Assistant professor, Department of Chinese as a Second Language, National Taiwan Normal University


This paper examines several Hakkanese poems by Du Panfangge to analyze how, being born in the Japanese colonial period and later experiencing changes in official language policies twice, the writer views traditional Hakkanese culture and language, and how she broaches an approach to the writing of the Hakkanese language. It is also the purpose of the paper to illustrate how the writer translates/interprets the Hakkanese language and culture in the form of the official Chinese language, not only to illustrate the advantage of cultural immersion on the part of the writer, but also to demonstrate the intellectual distance the writer keeps from the grand narrative of the Hakkanese culture. Lingering between complete immersion and distance, Du Panfangge strategically gives voice to the Hakkabnese people and to herself.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature