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Date 2021-03-18


De-colonization of the Historical Construction in Post-War Taiwan: Zhou Xien-Wen and the Collection of Taiwan Local Materials(臺灣文獻叢刊)(1946-1972)


Hsiao, Min-Ru

Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, National Chi Nan University


During 1958 to 1972 the postwar period, the Taiwan Economy Research Laboratory of the Bank of Taiwan launches editorial work of the Collection of Taiwan Local Materials(臺灣文獻叢刊) because of Zhou Xien-wen’s will. The Colleciton of Taiwan Local Materials had become one of the most important collection for researchers of Taiwan Literature. The collection is not only a books collection of Taiwan Local Materials. When the editorial work progressing , Zhou Xien-wen’s cultural thought, political position and the historical viewpoint of Taiwan history (esp. Taiwan colonial history) had also been woven into the Collection of Taiwan Local Materials. In the cultural atmosphere during postwar period, to emphasize on the oppression of the colonizer and the revolt of the colonized is the mainstream thought of history hermeneutics in postwar Taiwan.It reflects the perspective of Zhou Xien-wen on Taiwan history.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature