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Date 2021-03-18


The Extraordinary Daily Life-Lyric Native and Narrative of Running Account


Liu, Nai-Tzu

Assistant Professor, Department of Taiwanese Literature, National Cheng Kung University


In the literary tide of “post-native literature” during the 21st century, the appearance of Running Account is a rather interesting phenomenon. It does not obey the realist practices of traditional native works, but also differ from the current postmodern aesthetics. Therefore the commonly used critical model is not suitable for its analysis. This novel uses the lyric vision to represent Penghu’s local scenes, and suppresses deliberately the continuous and dramatic nature of plots, presenting its daily life in a naturalist style. As the book title declared, the writer displayed her ability to utter in length and in details through its thick pages. The detail descriptions of daily life not only shape its form to the extreme, the content also exposes the living experience profoundly. Its unique esthetics opens up a new kind of style and vision in realist writing, and initiates a critical reconsideration on realism. This research will utilize “lyric vision” and “daily life esthetics” these two concepts to analyze Running Account, in order to highlight / resist the limitation of so-called “normal” in realist literature.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature