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Date 2021-03-19


Indigenous Writing in Tseng Kuei-Hai’s Poetry


Chien, Ming-Hung

Lecturer, Language Education Center, Fooyin University


Tseng Kuei-Hai (1946-), a Taiwanese contemporary poet, uses poetic language as the vehicle of his discourse. Facing the problem of cultural hybridity and the context of a diaspora, he explores the loss and restoration of the cultural identity of the Pingpu Tribe and other indigenous peoples, and attempts to heal the collective cultural trauma through disenchantment as well as narrative identity. In the cross-boundary writing of ethnic cultures, he simulates the mythology and rituals of the indigenous peoples both to invoke cultural memory and to ponder the deep significance of identification. In addition, he liberates the instrumental bondage of Chinese language for a new manipulation of cultural translation, while deconstructing the permeation and varieties of hybridity as a postcolonial strategy. The interpretation of the text of his works, after repeated dialectics, reveals Tseng Kuei-Hai’s ultimate goal of a renaissance for the renewed people of Taiwan.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature