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Date 2021-03-19


The Mirror and Lamp of “(Li)” in Taiwan─The Modernization Social Change Writings in “Province Administration Literature Series”


Guo, Ze-Kuan

Assistant Professor, Department of Taiwan and Regional Studies, National Dong Hwa University


“Province Administration Literature Series” is the works that News Bureau of Taiwan Province invited writers in the province to write literature subjects to propagate the provincial public construction achievements form 1965. The pieces with number of these Series of works are total 74 kinds till 1980. The works have recorded Taiwan modernization social change by literature. It is a Mirror. Because of the publications by Province Administration and the writers’ passion, the works all have the clear ideality and happy ending. It is also a Lamp, the guidelines lamp of Taiwan modernization development.

In Hwang, Re-Yu’s historical writings, Hwang usually use the “(Li)”as the metaphor to explain the modernization social change that are between the superstructure and substructure restructuring, the most important key are building the intermediate structure and provides the management, service between both. Then, superstructure and substructure could establish contact inseparably. This literature series works propagate the government administration achievements; also describe the capabilities and contribution about intermediate structures such as Farmer Organization, Fishman Organization, the basic officers etc. This comes up to the Hwang’s theory.

This paper studies to this literature series works and will illustrate the writing about modernization social change in this series works, will come up to the phenomenon of the “(Li)” forming. That is the mirror and lamp of Taiwan modernization social change.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature