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Date 2021-04-22


Nakamura kokyou’s Colony Travel in the early Taisho period


Chiu, Ya-Fang

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Taiwan Language and communication, National United University


Nakamura Kokyou(1881-1952), graduating from Department of Literature, Imperial Tokyo University, made a trip to Taiwan in 1913, and produced two pieces of writings about Taiwan: “To the lighthouse of Erh-luan-pi”(1913) and “From barbarian tribes”(1916). The scene depicted in both works was actually his personal experience in aboriginal tribes deep into Ping-tung respectively. The peculiarity of the works well exemplified Nakamura’s hardship as adventure on the trip when the condition of transportation was extremely inconvenient. Why did Nakamura tried every possible way to reach the lighthouse of Erh-luan-pi at the south end of the island? In what kind of mood did he visit Mu-tan-she where the bloody incident had occurred before? The answers to these questions would be found in the examination of texts in his works. This study attempts to observe colonial traveler’s eyes on the trip and to further understand Japanese initial impression of Taiwan in the early Emperor Taisho period.

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