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Date 2021-04-23


Literary Creation of “Talisman” Style: Zhong Li-He as an Example


Wang, You-Hua

Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, National United University


Art therapists Joy Schaverien, in his article “A Scapegoat and Talisman”, had done many diversified discussions about the “talisman” phenomenon of arts, and he thought that many works of creators were actually displacements, wishing to relief self hardship and calamity by means of “a scapegoat”. Based on this dissert, this paper used the works of Zhong Li-He as an example, analyzed the “talisman” phenomenon of his works. Zhong Li-He had been suffered from his marriage of the same surname and lung disease over his whole life, he was not accepted by his family and society, could not even get a good job, either. Thus had been penniless and frustrated over his whole life. By using “self-disclosure” method, he continuously repeated his being encountered with unfair treatments, and situated in multiple predicaments, all of these works had become his “a scapegoat”, and a tool to show his wounds to people in the world. This paper analyzed that Zhong Li-He expected to gain sympathy and understanding from people, wished to change the present situation, and no more being poked by destiny. But unfortunately, his wish was not accomplished even till his passing away.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature