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Date 2021-04-23


Colonization, War and Women: A Study of Masugi Shizue’s Work Written During the Period of Colonial Taiwan


Lee, Wen-Ju

Assistant Professor, Department of Oriental Literature, Tzu University


In modern history, Japanese colonial policy in Asia has had a close connection with war (e.g. Sino-Chinese War War, the Pacific War). The character and purpose of the war and colonial rule are different, so it is necessary to separate these two to deal with Taiwan colonial literature. This paper will prove it by taking Masugi Shizue’s work as an example. Masugi came to Taiwan with her family when she was 3 years old and went to Japan in 1921. After that, she began to engage in storywriting. Her works, written during the period of the Sino-Chinese War and the Pacific War, have two meanings. 1. How the Japanese female writer spontaneously participates in colonialism? 2. How the Japanese female writer directly or indirectly participated in the male-dominated society despite her colonial background during the Sino-Chinese War?

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature