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Date 2021-04-23


The Language Policy in the Movement of the Imperial Subjective and the Marriage between Japanese and Taiwanese: Along Masugi Shizue’s “the Language of the South”


Wu, Pei-Chen

Assistant Professor, Department of Japanese Language and Culture, Shoochow UniversityGraduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature, National Chengchi University


Masugi Shizue is few of the Japanese female writers who possesses the colonial experience and creates her works based on her life experience in colonial Taiwan.

“The Language of the South” is one of them reflects the language policy in Taiwan under Japanese colonization as well as the issue of the Inter-racial marriage between Japanese and Taiwanese. In general, the male colonizers dominate the power of language. On the contrary, the colonized have been forced to pick up the language of the colonizers and achieved nothing but mimicry during the process of learning the colonizer’s language.

However, the linguistic relationship between Kimura Hanako and Ree Kinshi in “the Language of the South” indicates more complicated layer in colonial language policy in contemporary Taiwan. Through analyzing this work, this paper will shed light on the relationships between the language policy in the period of the imperial subjective, the gender issue and the marriage between Japanese and Taiwanese in “the Language of the South”.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature