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Date 2021-04-27


The Modernity of Taiwanese Literature in 60s: From the Perspective of Modern Poetry Polemic


Chu, Fong-Ling

Associate Professor, Center for General Education, Chang Gung Institue of Technology


In Depressed modernity: New Discussion of Late-Qing Novels, Wang Te-Wei reorganized the literature pedigree of the beginning of the century and unearthed clues of “depressed multiple modernity” in Late-Qing novels. He re-positioned the status of Late-Qing culture and explained the model of new literature “origin” to discover another modernity for Chinese literature and to construct a new modernity discussion of Chinese literature. In light of Wang Te-Wei re-examination of the modernity of Chinese literature, the investigation of Late-Qing literature “Depressed Modernity” and the deliberation of construction, this paper intends to explore concealed modernity clues, sketch the complicated trails of modernity development in Taiwanese literature, and construct a Taiwan-based literature modernity discussion from the interpretation of three aspects of Taiwanese modernity in a modern poetry polemic in 50s-60s.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature