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Date 2021-04-27


Interpretation and Application of Myths: From Three Mythic Legends of Kumu Tapas Tribe Recollection: Narration History of Wushe Incident


Liu, Yu-Ling

Graduate Student, Ph. D Program, Department of Folk Literature, National Hualien University of Education


In the scientific modern society, ancient myths seem distant from present people; however, in certain degree, some scholars think that living conditions now are similar to original mythic world. Even people cannot create myths with current thoughts, but basic mythic elements still exist in the world. People satisfy their own fantasy and fill up their belief vacancy by virtual mythic world, such as novels and movies. Moreover, old myths of memories pierce through times and present today with different appearances and shapes. For instance, because myths are still animated in the folks of Taiwanese aborigines, the relationship is very tight between tribes and society. This kind of close relationship can be glimpsed from the active attitude toward interpretation and application of the myths.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature