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Date 2021-04-27


The Multiple Modernity within the 1930s’ Writings on Poverty


Hoshina Hironobu

Mo, Su-Wei (Translator)

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law and Letters, University of the Ryukyus

Lecturer, China Institute of Technology


Published at Diyixian (The magazine of the Association of Taiwanese Literature)  in January 1935, both Hsu Chiung-Erh’s The Modern Scene in the Metropolis of Island and Wang Chin-Chiang’s Rain in the Night capture the silhouette of Taipei under the development at this time. The metropolitan modernity of Taiwanese island portrayed by two writers indicates the light and the shadow of Tataocheng. Centering on Lang-Shih-Sheng’s Darkness (Taiwan Bungei, February 1935) and Huang-shih Pao-Tao’s Life (Taiwan ShinBungaku, December 1935) which were published simultaneously as the works in above, this paper will shed light on the darkness of the internal Tataocheng and the under-going economical and the social corruption in the metropolis of Taiwanese island and the other locals. At the same time, this paper will also examine how the colonial administration kept watch over the situation of poverty.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature