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Date 2021-04-27


Edition Research of Lin Zan-Mei’s Qien Yuan Qin Yu Cau


Shu, Hui-Yu

Assistant Professor, Gerneral Education Center, Chang Gung University


Lin Zan-Mei has been my research subject for many years. My MA dissertation is titled, “The Chronology of Lin Zan-Mei” (1992); my Doctorial thesis is “Lin Zan-Mei Garden Life” (2003). And I have recently been invited by Lien-He University to compose the essay, “the Research of Lin Zan-Mei’s Recital Poem of Plum.” All the above research are based on Lin Zan-Mei’s Qien Yuan Qin Yu Cau.

Because Lin Zan-Mei did not publish the full text of Qien Yuan Qin Yu Cau in his lifetime, there have been different editions of Qien Yuan Qin Yu Cau existent now either in the form of false manuscript or incomplete text. The editions include “the manuscript collected in Taiwan branch library,” “the edition of Taiwan Poetry,” “the edition of Xin-Zu Documentary Society,” “the manuscript stored by Lin Qin-He,” “the Bibliography of Lin Zan-Mei: Qien Yuan Qin Yu Cau” (which is edited by me), and “The Complete Taiwan Poetry: Qien Yuan Qin Yu Cau” which is still in proof reading process under my hands. There exist many differences among these editions. Because Lin Zan-Mei is now a very hot research topic, it is an urgent task to do an edition research on the above versions.

This essay is a comparison of the merits and faults of each version, hoping that it could be a help to the scholars interested in Lin Zan-Mei Study.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature