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Date 2021-04-27


Conflict between Anti-Buddhist Literatures in Ming Gu Ji and Confucian Knowledge Community


Weng, Sheng-Feng

Associate Proffesor, Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature, National Taipei University of Education


The conflict of Confucian knowledge community of Ming Gu Ji is originated from different expectations on Buddhist abstinence. Because traditional literati regard Buddhist abstinence as ethical norm, and the Confucian and Buddhist share similar concepts, the literati strived to protect the Buddhist abstinence. Lin De-lin defied traditional taboo, and engaged in debate with Confucianists on the new connotation of Buddhism and even held Buddhist wedding. However, with little support, his Buddhist organization receded. Understanding Ming Gu Ji needs to be familiar with its literatures as well as the solicited essays, poetry, and media reports, in order to grasp the problem. The anti-Buddhist literatures in Ming Gu Ji and conservation of ethical norm is one issue with two aspects. Interpretation of Ming Gu Ji not only should supplement with the current lifestyle and values, as well as the core values of Confucianism and Buddhism, in order to expound the cultural connotation of Confucian knowledge.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature