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Date 2021-04-27


Appreciation of Hong Qisheng’s Poetic WorksThe Scenery of Penglai and the World of the Loyalists


Yu, Mei-Ling

Associate Professor, Department of Chinese Literature, Feng Chia University


This paper studies the poetic works of Taiwanese poet Hong Qisheng during the Japanese-governed period, aiming to discuss how Hong, as a loyalist of Taiwan, portrays his mother land. Hong starts with elaborating on the life experience of an islander, further constructing a genuine Penglai fairyland. However, with the disillusion of the wonderland, Hong collapses into great confusion and pondering, in the hope of establishing an imaginary pure land by roaming into the immortal realm. As a result, his great desire to contribute turns the original immortal attempt into mortal behavior, finally into the cloudland of another kind — opiophagy. The process of exploration and transformation, coupled with Hong’s persistence and his similar spirit as Quyuan, reveals the intricate and perplexed mind of the loyalists.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature