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Date 2021-04-27


Discussion on the Worth of Study on Yeh Jung-Chung’s Poem Manuscripts and Related Information


Liao, Cheng-Fu

Professor of Department of Taiwan Culture, Language and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University


This thesis is intended to focus on Yeh, Jung-chung’s manuscripts and a large amount of related information, which were contributed by his kindred for storage of the library of National Tsing Hua University. The study is based mainly on Yeh’s poems to prove their worth for study by analyzing them from different angles. After the capsule description of Yeh’s poem manuscripts and related information is given, there are five angles provided to give a comprehensive explanation for the worth of study on Yeh’s poet manuscripts and related information: 1. The manuscripts would be proofread and there are overlapping comparisons and contrasts among the manuscripts and Yeh’s published poetry. According to Yeh’s manuscripts, the erratum in both new and old edition of Yeh’s poetry could be rectified. 2. The poems not embodied in Splendor in the GrassA Venture of Poetry would be collected and compared to enrich textual research and deepen the research on Yeh’s poems. 3. The previous account for the poetry Splendor in the GrassA Venture of Poetry may be corrected to provide more understanding of the background information of poems written. 4. The relationship building between teachers and friends, spiritual transference, and actual modifying process of Yeh’s creation of poetry could be further discussed. 5. The comparison of Yeh’s modern and classical poems, his poems derived from other examples and writing characteristics could be discussed as well. The copied version of Lu, hsun’s poems from Yeh and Yeh’s modern poems are unprecedented texts. The results of this research can be expected to extend a whole new viewpoint of study on Taiwanese classical poems. I also provide three workable analysis and suggestions on how to take advantages of the newly discovered manuscripts and related information in my conclusion.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature