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Date 2021-04-27


“Culture and Literature Column” of the Taiwan Daily and Its Editor-in-Chief Kishi Tojin


Matsuo Naota

Lecturer, WuFeng Institute of TechnologyGraduate Student, Ph. D Program, Department of Taiwanese Literature, National Cheng Kung University


The Taiwan Daily was published in Tainan in 1937. The fourth page of its evening version reported many cultural and literary events. Though not labeled as such, it was in effect a culture and literature column. For convenience’s sake, I shall call the fourth page of the Taiwan Daily as “Culture and Literature” column.

This article intends to describe the background and circumstances of the literature works printed on the Culture and Literature column; in addition, through comprehensive reading of Taiwan resident writers’ works, to infer the trend and style of the column.

I will first examine the history of the Culture and Literature column, collection of the copies of newspaper, the biographical background of its editor-in-chief, Kishi Tôjin, as well as the column’s layout. Secondly, I will explore the creative inclination of these writers and point out that Taiwan being the theme of their academic research or creative writing. As for the genres, essay was the mainstream. While the Japanese poem tanka(短歌)flourished, fiction was less popular.

This article maintains that the Culture and Literature column influenced the literary activities of Southern Taiwan in the early 1940s. The column also contributed to the island-wide cultural boom that was centered on Taipei. Its editor-in-chief Kishi Tôjin’s role is especially of critical importance.

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