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Date 2021-04-28


The forming and development of Taiwan Left-wing Literary movement during Japanese occupation


Choi, Mal-Soon

Assistant Professor, General Education Center, National Taipei University of Technology


The paper is written with purpose of comprehensively analyzing the development and formation of leftist literature in Taiwan during the period of Japanese Occupancy. Basically, the movement of leftist literature during the Japanese Occupancy was developed along with socialistic politics and public movement that implied the modernization of capitalism imposed to Taiwan by Japan. Around 1925, the development of colonial capitalism with monopoly sacrificed unilaterally the interest of Taiwan people that brought adverse national conflicts and hierarchic conflicts, resulting in the national movement enlightened by the bourgeois class changing to pursue the liberalization of proletarian class based public movement, whereby emerging the leftist literary movement. The leftist writers started describing the real life of proletarian people and believed that it was the literature corresponding with the Time.

In this paper, the leftist literature in the new literary movement will be analyzed in three phases and described the process of the development in leftist literary movement, where the value and meaning directed by the leftist literary movement during the Japanese Occupancy. As a result, it was found that the development of leftist literary movement was undertaken along with the development of international socialism with liberalization of Taiwan people that the literary theory proposed by the leftists encompassed the true knowledge on the history and reality emphasizing with the correlation between the general public and the literature.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature