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Date 2021-04-28


The ideal distance between poems and reality: Review a controversy about Taiwan modern poetry in 1972-1973


Lee, Kuei-Yun

Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese Literature, National Chengchi University


The controversy about modern poetry in 1972-1973 is an important record in Taiwan modern poetry history. It is also an important event in the development of Taiwan poetry. Many discussions about this controversy concern with the difference between rising and former poetic groups, the background of history and identity, and misreading of Modernism. The issue of poetry character almost had never been discussed. In this paper, we try to focus on the question of distance between poems and reality. To find out how realist and the surrealist establish their own viewpoints and what is the ideal distance between poems and reality. To arrange the criticism on poetry in the past would help to realize contents of poems at present. We think modern poetry is an unique literary form. It could shift from imagination to fact. When poets or critics try to define the relationship between poems and real matters, it will be quite difficult and ambiguous. For this reason, maybe we should combine two sides of discourse and then will know the ideal distance between poems and reality.

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Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature